Life vision

I read today an article about writing out a life vision and reading it regularly to remember what you want out of life, and this is what I came up with.

Love: To be filled with love for my husband and child, to be loved in return. Take the time to hug each other and to really be present.

Compassion: To have acts of kindness and generosity to people less fortunate than me.

Playfulness: Keep doing things that are silly and that others may raise an eyebrow to. Be spontaneous and say Yes to playful suggestions. To keep touch with the wonder that children are born with, to take delight in things.

Community: to surround myself with intelligent, beautiful, warm people. To be able to contribute to such a community. Keep away from negative people.

Health: To eat mindfully and mostly healthy whole foods.

Dance: To remember that dancing is one of my favorite state of being. To take the time to do it.

Books: To read and write, to consume and produce good works.

Money: To be comfortable financially and not be envious of people with bigger houses and nicer
things. To remember that we are rich in time and activities.
Adventures: To seek out new experiences, to travel and meet new people and find new hobbies and things to fall in love with.

Courage: When deciding to do things or not, to not let fear be the guide.

Mindfulness: Having an observer thread in my mind that checks in regularly with how I’m feeling, why I’m feeling and to remind myself that I’m not my feelings.

Photo by Abby Glenn of my baby at 6 months.

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