about me

I live with my wonderful husband, Andy, who teaches and performs improv at The Hideout Theatre, and our wonderful daughter.

I love taking photos of people. I especially love capturing the emotional landscapes in a face, the movement of the body and the relationships between people in a photograph.

Wedding photography is so wonderful. I’m surrounded by people in love, people celebrating love and it’s an honor to tell their love story.

My hobbies include curling up with a book and an iced chai, having little adventures like discovering a new restaurant in town, or big adventures like walking on one day old lava. I always feel like wedding photographers need to have a strong sense of adventure, since the most random stuff happens at weddings.

My style is photo-journalistic; unposed and documentary. The goal is to capture moments as they happen during the wedding day, and as Joe Buissinck says: “To capture those moments, I would suggest that one should be in the moment.”

It’s so wonderful to get into a flow, and be completely captured by a process. Whether it’s photography, film-making, dance, reading, or writing. Playing around with different forms of art and beauty.

Love, compassion, and playfulness.

Thank you so much for visiting my website!
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Picture by Jenny DeMarco
Picture by Davina and Daniel