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A lot of people know about Burning Man. The festival of art, creativity and music that happens in the desert of Nevada around Labor Day weekend. But not as many people know about regional Burns that happen around the world. The one near Austin is called Burning Flipside, and about 3000 people converge on several acres of land in the hill country to celebrate art.

I love the Burner philosophy of art for the sake of art.

Sometimes you just want to create something. No one will pay you for that art, and maybe no one will even enjoy that art except for you. But the process is still worth it. I randomly do watercolor painting, and I’m almost always happy I did it. Even though it may be a little silly narwhal painting, it makes me super happy.

Burning Man events take you from your every day routines and from social norms. It reminds you that there are other ways to see things, and for a little bit, you can be yourself without worry of judgement.

Here is a glimpse into Burning Flipside:

andy crouchflipside 2013 effigy the beastandy crouchhippiesburning flipside 2013burning flipside 2013 in austin, txwritings on the manwe love because you hateblack and white flipsidesleepingcolorful socksburnersthe effigy at nightfire spinnersfireworks coming out of hatsman with firework hatburning flipside 2013 effigy burning the beast

  • September 20, 2013 - 2:01 pm

    Joseph Hall Photography - Thanks for sharing this – a fab insight into Burning Flipside!